Why You Should Create Landing Pages For Your Product Or Service?

Are you confused about why your paid Google adwords campaigns are just not increasing your conversion rates?  Also, have you considered why your SEO strategy is unable to attain better conversion rates in spite of bring in a fair deal of traffic to your site?

If this more or less defines the fix that you are currently in, then you are probably relying too much on your homepage by using it as the only landing page on your site.

Read on to find out what ‘landing pages’ are and how you can utilize them to give yourself the boost you really need.

What are Landing Pages and How Can it Benefit You?

A landing page is that webpage on which a viewer arrives after clicking on a link in a PPC ad or a search
engine result.

It is not necessary for a landing page to be the home page of the website; rather it should
be a page on that site which has content that is relevant to what the viewer searched for.

Keywords play an important role here as the presence of specific keywords within your site’s pages is what will
determine whether or not the viewer would have a chance of being directed to your landing page
by the search engine.

In order to explain the nature of a landing page, let us use the example of the keyword “landing page optimization”. If someone searches for info with a phrase that contains the keyword “create landing page” on Google, webpages that are using this keyword within its content will be the ones that Google will direct the searcher to and the immediate page that the visitor
will arrive at after being redirected will be the landing page for that particular search result.

Now imagine a situation where your site does not have a landing page and all the visitors are directed straight to your homepage. What this will do is that it will confuse the visitor because your homepage may not have the specific info that the person is looking for. To expect that a visitor will figure out where the information can be found on your site by going through the different pages of the website is
almost expecting too much.

Therefore, in order to stop potential customers from leaving your site, you will need a landing page that will have content relevant to the keywords with which the page is Search Engine Optimized.

What are the Functions of a Landing Page?

The primary function of all landing pages is to persuade or convince the viewer into taking an action on your website that will benefit your marketing or advertising campaign.

Any smart web marketer will realize the importance of a landing page as it is not only necessary to optimize the landing page with keywords in such a way that it manages to attract targeted traffic, but it is also essential to make sure that the page is impressive enough to attract fruitful attention from at least some of the viewers.

A few prominent examples of sites which utilized landing pages to achieve immense popularity are Hipster, Instagram, Netflix and Google+. Although what you are trying to sell via your website may not be the same as that of these sites, but the effect could very well be similar. Remember though,
that Google Adwords or any other advertising campaign needs money and that money will be wasted if the landing page is of inferior quality or if it is filled with content that does not match the optimized keywords.

Apart from conversion, a landing page can also be used to collect contact info from interested  individuals; this of course will allow you to follow that person up via email and/or phone. As the person registers with your website, you would be able to keep him/her updated about specific new content
added to your site over time. After registering and subscribing, it has been found that users often come back to the site to check what’s new and sometimes to post comments that helps the site owners in understanding what they are looking for. This not only creates a following for your site but also provides the site owners with valuable feedbacks that help them in determining customer behavior.

The function of the landing page here is once again, impressing the visitor; an individual will only register with your website if the landing page that he/she arrives on, manages to impress the individual into responding positively towards this particular call-to-action. Which in other words we define as a Goal of the Landing page.

No one will want to register with a website if the entrance point to the site (the landing page) is not adequately impressive and persuasive.

Even if the landing page does not precisely have what the individual is looking for, it should nonetheless have embedded links to guide the visitor onto a more appropriate page on your site (or any other site that you are affiliated with). If the landing pages on your site is properly designed and customized, then you can utilize the visitors, even the non-buyers, to popularize your campaign. Get them to spread the info about what you are offering, to their associates via email or social networking websites. This always increases the chances of finding potential customers that you are not being able to directly reach out to.

To summarize and conclude all that you have read so far, here are a few pointers that should help one
to get the start he needs.

● Impressive content that engages the attention of the visitor by making clear what services you are offering and how can it be beneficial to customers.

● As opposed to the point mentioned above, “stealth start-up” is a marketing strategy that uses the element of suspense to generate interest. If you opt for this strategy, make sure that the intro is striking
enough to generate genuine interest without revealing too much about the product/service.

● A visibly bright and prominent “call-to-action” button placed strategically at the right place within the landing page is one of the most important parts of a landing page because that is what will ultimately get you the customers and the subscribers.

Well, now if you;re thinking of having Landing pages for your site, there are many options on how you can go about it.

  1. Ask a designer (like me :P) to create specific landing page for your website.
  2. Get a landing page WordPress/HTML theme and create a landing page yourself.
  3. Use a Web app to create awesome landing page with analytics. For this you can see below links:
    1. Wix : Many features and easy to use/customize [Newbie to Prof level ]
    2. LanderApp
    3. Hubspot
    4. EasyPurl
    5. UBounce


July 1, 2012

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