Twitter Mass Direct Message Sender

Great news for those who are intersted of sending mass direct messages to their twitter followers. Twitter Mass Direct Message Sender is a tool where you can do this for free.

Every one of us have a list with favorite twitter friends or followers and from time to time it would be nice to be able to send them an announcement but it is a little time consuming. I found my self in this situation and i thought, what if i try to make such a tool.

You can check out this tool here and i’m sure you will be impressed.

Please, do NOT use this tool for spamming! If there will be complains i will get this offline and use it only for my self!

Don not forget to say “thanks” on the page if you like this tool (by tweeting about it).

8 responses on "Twitter Mass Direct Message Sender"

  1. i just love Twittering compared to blogging. i was a blog addict and now i am a Twitter addict.

  2. That’s an excellent tool, great work 🙂

  3. Twitter is the newest craze today. i tweet at least 5 times a day on my friends just to keep them informed about my whereabouts. I still keep my personal blog though.

  4. Great, love the ability to send to all my followers in large groups. I often make announcements to the sailing and model fraternity, this just makes it so much easier. From now on, I can save all new followers direct into a txt file and send a DM once a week to everyone without spending hours night and day copying and pasting.
    Great, just wish the limit was bigger than 250 people.

  5. Hey thanks a lot for sharing information about such a nice tool.

  6. This tool is fantastic, i can send up to 250 DM Messages with one click, that’s fantastic

  7. it’s not available

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