The best tutorials collection for Web Design

I know, there’s a lot of outstanding Web Design tutorial sites out there, but how about having all the best tutorials in a single place? WordPress tutorials, jQuery tutorials, PHP tutorials, CSS tutorials and all the goodies that you can find on a single page.

Another project of mine is and it is about bringing together the best tutorials related to web design. The idea is simple, is NOT about stealing others content but for the user to be able to find a tutorial for what is his interest using a single search box.

The site use a frame to display the original article but have all the titles in a data base sorted by categories for an easy navigation and structured information for the user.

The idea was born after i was searched some tutorials my self and all i could find was niche websites for different type of categories and for the same field i found some really good tutorials by different authors on different pages.

I think about adding a page were visitors can suggest a tutorial and this way i’m sure that if i missed something the community will suggest quality content.

Check out for more info.

December 13, 2012

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