Information Needed For Premium Service

Here is what is needed to get started:

* A real email address – A real working email address that you check every day! I will email you one time with any questions and to make sure we can communicate, if it bounces back I will not try again. (Yes there are people who have paid for and have a blog but don’t have the login information or know how to use it.)
* Blog Name – (You can change this at any time)
* Tag Line Or Slogan – a relevant, catchy, descriptive phrase about your blog (you can change this at any time)
* Directory To Install Blog- Example: with blog being the install directory. This can be called anything you wish or can be installed as the main website. * Tip* A short keyword is often better than just calling it blog.
* Web Host Admin Login URL – The URL address you go to log into your hosting account.
* Web Host Username – The username to login to your hosting account.
* Web Host Password – The password to login to your hosting account.

Submit this FTP information only if it is different than your web host information. If you don’t know what it is just skip this section.
* FTP Server Name Address
* FTP Username
* FTP Password

Submit this information in the contact form and we will get back to you in no time.

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