Getting to Know SEO

A Data driven Approach

Keyword AnalysisSEO is something which everyone ought to know, whether you are a blogger or a marketer or a technology guy. On this note, Envato has launched its new book “Getting to Know SEO”. Well, this book almost covers everything in a unique and impressive way. The greatest USP of this book is that it teaches you how you can use a data driven approach for your SEO campaigns, which metrics to use and why.
The book starts off with cliched topics like “Benefits of SEO“, then “What is a Good content“, “meta tags and keywords“,” On-page and off-page SEO“.

But the real crux of the book lies in the later half when the author starts describing the “importance of keywords“, “How to do keyword research” and “Competitive keyword analysis“. The best part comes when the author defines what keyword assessment metrics one should use. Of all mentioned in the book my favorite are:

1. The PageRank Competitive assessment
2. Calculating Keyword Potential

Just a short summary:
The Pagerank Competitive assessment: For a particular keyword,calculate sum of Page ranks for top 10 results and number of results thrown by Google. If Sum of PR’s < 35 and number of results < 100,000 then you have a higher probability to make it to the number one spot in Google, similarly other cases are mentioned.

Calculating Keyword Potential: For any keyword get the search volume and CPC. Export the result to excel sheet and apply the Adsense formula. The logic here is that if you were at no. 1 spot in Google for this keyword, you’ll get almost 40% of traffic out of which 5% will convert, i.e they’ll click where you want them to click. So the revenue you can earn via Adsense is equal to the maximum marketing budget you should allocate for CPC campaigns on this keyword.

This is the most Awesome and logical explanation I’ve ever heard in CPC/SEO campaigns.

To be honest, I’ve always believed that the biggest weakness of SEO campaigns is that there is no defined metric to judge the credibility of the campaign we’ve chosen. Why we chose a particular keyword to build back links and go for a CPC campaign while other keywords were neglected.
The book also then discusses on how to get back links for selected keywords and mentioned some of the upcoming trends, which I was unaware of.

Getting to know SEO” covers and updates even the best in this business. Its a great job by Andre Kibbe (Content analyst and SEO expert from Envato ).

You can get this book here for $15 : Getting to know SEO

December 15, 2013

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