Finally! Google Page Rank Update October 2009

google october page rank updateYup! Finally Google have made a Page Rank update this month (October 2009). I am using my plugin called Vibe SEO Pack for this site and other sites of mine and i’m very happy with it! I’ve got page rank 3 for my homepage but some of the articles got page rank 4 or page rank 5.

Top page rank is 6 for the article it self where the Vibe SEO Pack is located!

I cannot even wish for more than getting a page rank 6 for a page in a 6 months old domain.

Page Rank is about back linking as well you might say

Off course… having a well optimized site is not enough for getting a high page rank. You have to think about wise back linking in order to get a high page rank and get organic traffic to your site.

Stick around and subscribe to my newsletter and as soon as possible i will be releasing a really interesting information about how to get lots of back links without spending time with link exchanging or directory submissions.

I’m also interested especially about those who are using my plugin and what this October page rank update from Google brought for them.
Looking forward 2 hear from ya! Cheers!

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