Digging Into WordPress – Take Your WordPress Skills To The Next Level

I am more than happy to announce you that Digging Into WordPress is finally here! This book contains 400 pages of practical Information written by Chris Coyier (author of CSS-Tricks.com and member of the Envato team) and Jeff Starr (author of perishablepress.com), both internationally known tutorial writers especially about WordPress but also CSS, Java script, PHP, PhotoShop and HTML.

In the Digging Into WordPress book they go into depth about the anatomy of a WordPress theme. How themes work, and how to write the code you need to do the things you want. This means real code that you can sink your teeth into, as well as copy and paste. Beyond theme building, they introduce many tricks your functions.php file can pull off and show you ways to increase performance and security through HTAccess.

Things You Will Learn

  • How to get things set up right
  • Building themes and how they work
  • Keeping sites secure and optimized
  • Using WordPress as a CMS
  • Integrate things like Twitter and Delicious
  • Making the most out of WordPress
  • And much more…

Wait! There’s more!

A Lifetime Subscription When you buy this book, you will instantly get the most current version. But also, you are getting a lifetime subscription to all updated (PDF) copies of the book. Updates will automatically be emailed to you as they are released.

Get this book right away for only $27!

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  1. Any idea of when the Print version of ‘Digging Into WordPress’ will be available again. Looking forward to ordering one.

  2. What about a WP3.0?
    Will you release the update?

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