Custom Learning Paths

Custom Learning paths is becoming increasingly popular for eLearning communities. This is a concept where instead of courses and subjects, eLearning objectives are given more importance. There is no fixed path for eLearning, a learner can achieve objectives in multiple custom ways. Instead of units we focus more on activities and the sequence of activities instead of a fixed path. Features : Create unlimited custom learning paths for students. Sequential, non-sequential learning paths. Include Social activities (friends,messaging) in Learning paths. Include …

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Upload Videos to your Video hosting account right from the WordPress media popup. Currently supports : Vimeo Upload Videos right from WordPress media popup. Upload videos in one account. Enable Instructor privacy, so instructors can not view each others videos. Seek lock, users can not progress forward in Videos. Auto mark unit complete on Video completion. Set Video privacy during upload. Video pagination, Album pagination. Upload videos bigger than PHP upload limits, vi pl-upload script.  

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WPLMS Gift Course

Gift a course in WPLMS. Promote your courses by allowing users to gift courses to each other. Gift Courses to any user. Payments via WooCommerce checkout. Send gift to any email with custom message. Configure the gift email template in  BP emails. Auto create account on gift link Track sent gifts in profile Track accepted gifts in profile. Plug and play. Multiple gift protection. Auto gift cancellation on refunds.    

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WPLMS Mailchimp

WPLMS Mailchimp plugin integrates Mailchimp with WPLMS. Features Sync members of your site into various lists Enable option to subscribe to newsletter in BuddyPress registration. Enable option to subscribe to newsletter in WooCommerce checkout. Sync all course members into a list grouped by courses. Sync Courses Lists Auto create lists for all courses Auto create groups : pursuing/finished, active/expired Auto assign users to various sub-groups on sync Auto move users to various groups within All courses list and Course specific list. …

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WPLMS Wishlist

With WPLMS Wishlist you can enable your users to mark the courses as favourite. These courses then appear in their profile – Wishlist section. The courses in a users wishlist can be built into various collections, these collections can be shared on various social networks.   Features Mark courses as Favourite in Wishlist. Personal Wishlist section in profile. Combine Wishlists by creating a collection. Share Wishlists on social networks. Set permalink slugs for Wishlists and Collections in Permalink settings. Support for this …

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WPLMS Batches

WPLMS Batches is an add-on for sub grouping of students in courses.   Features Create custom batches from the course front end panel. Allow students to enrol in batches after course purchase. Force users to enrol in batch to pursue a course. Auto allocate courses connected to the batch to the batch students. Set start date and end dates in batch with access restrictions within these dates. Set number of seats in Batches after which enrol,join & request membership buttons are …

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Integrate WPLMS with Amazon S3. You can upload Videos, Audios and other attachments in Amazon S3. Features Protect download of Videos, Audios, images, attachment files. Restricts Hot linking, users can not share the link to watch or download material Upload Videos, Audio and attachments on Amazon S3, reduce server load. Secure Course Videos, Audios and attachments. Serve time bound resources, Videos, Audio, images,  attachment are available for limited time. Available in both WP Admin backend and Front End Course editor. Supports …

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WPLMS WooCommerce plugin. The complete integration between WPLMS and WooCommerce.     Features Full Support for WooCommerce Extends WooCommerce For WPLMS options Support for Variable Pricing Product Set dynamic options for Variable products such as : Select Course duration Course Certificate Enable/Disable Course Badges Enable/Disable Set Course Retakes Set Quiz Retakes Instructor Premium courses feature Charge instructors for creating courses Statistics and performance Batch pricing if using WPLMS Batches plugin. Free updates   Use Cases : Add a select dropdown for custom duration options for …

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