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User Profiles

VibeBP allows users to create detailed profiles with customizable fields, avatars, cover photos, and personal information.

Activity Feed

Users can post updates, share content, and interact with each other through an activity feed similar to popular social media platforms.

Friends & Connections

VibeBP enables users to connect with each other, send friend requests, and build a network of connections within the community.

Private Messaging

VibeBP provides a private messaging system that enables users to communicate directly with each other through secure and private messages.

Groups & Discussions

Users can create and join groups based on specific interests, allowing for focused discussions and interactions within the community.

Notifications & Alerts

Users receive notifications and alerts for various activities, including new friend requests, group invitations, mentions, and updates within their network.

Member Directory

VibeBP includes a member directory where users can search and discover other members of the community based on different criteria.

Vibe Drive

It is a built-in file management and sharing system that allows users to upload, organize, and share files within their community or social network. Vibe Drive provides a secure and convenient way to store and distribute files, enhancing collaboration and information sharing within the VibeBP-powered platform.

Customizable Design

VibeBP offers customization options to match the plugin’s appearance and functionality with the overall design and branding of the WordPress website.