WPLMS WooCommerce plugin. The complete integration between WPLMS and WooCommerce.


Purchase from Here : https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-woocommerce




  1. Full Support for WooCommerce
  2. Extends WooCommerce For WPLMS options
  3. Support for Variable Pricing Product
  4. Set dynamic options for Variable products such as :
    • Select Course duration
    • Course Certificate Enable/Disable
    • Course Badges Enable/Disable
    • Set Course Retakes
    • Set Quiz Retakes
  5. Instructor Premium courses feature
    • Charge instructors for creating courses
    • Statistics and performance
  6. Batch pricing if using WPLMS Batches plugin.
  7. Free updates


Use Cases :

  • Add a select dropdown for custom duration options for the Course
  • Add custom pricing option to enable Certificates for Course.
  • Add custom pricing option to enable Badge for Course.
  • Add custom pricing option for Quiz retakes for Course.
  • Add Custom pricing option for Course retakes for Course.
  • Combine multiple use cases


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