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WP Sanitize WordPRess Optimization pluginAfter the thrilling success of our popular plugin WP Sanitize which crossed the 1000 downloads mark this Sunday.

We have finally launched this plugin on WordPress.

We have received quite a few praises from our fellow WordPress companions, mainly theme designers and blog owners on the concept of WP Sanitize. The most interesting part of WP Sanitize was its plug and play solution which everyone liked.

The concept of plug and play WordPress plugin which runs on Auto mode in WP Sanitize is single most attracting feature for most of the bloggers and designers. This plugin is exploring new boundaries and should be promoted.


WP Sanitize uses WordPress inbuilt functions to set up a cron event ( a recurring event every 24 hours ) in your admin panel which keeps your content, head and database optimized.

WP Sanitize on WordPress.org

We are exploring many new features for this plugin and would like to share:

  1.  Image optimization during Upload (Using Loss-less compression)
  2.  Timthumb.php check and Auto Updation
  3.  Malware links check

This is definitely not an exhaustive list and we would like to get more suggestions from you. You either post your suggestion below or in the forums at the WP Sanitize Forums.

October 25, 2011

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