How to create your own image transition effect in vSlider?

We get a lot of requests on adding more image transition effects to the vSlider, so we thought let us share this knowledge, so that our users can create their own image transition effects in vSlider with simple logic. Just to recap, vSlider is based on Coin Slider which is a jquery based image slider. The reason why we chose Coin Slider is that it was easier to understand and it provides a lot of room for improvisation.

In this tutorial we will learn how to create your own image transition effect in vSlider. For this tutorial you can pick up any vSlider, either a developer version or the normal version.

To start with we need to understand the concept of “Queue” or “FIFO” i.e First in First out, the as description suggests the first element to go inside a pipe is the first element to come outside the pipe. For more information refer Wiki.

Each slide in vSlider comprises of various small boxes which display a part of image. Now these boxes undergo a fade transition effect which runs in a sequence. The sequence in which these boxes appear is a FIFO.

Watch Video on How to create your own vSlider Image transition effect:

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September 1, 2011

3 responses on "How to create your own image transition effect in vSlider?"

  1. Kudos Mr.Vibe, Content slider vSlider is awesome!

  2. I am unable to access any of the “members-only” material.
    I am registered in the forum.
    This tutorial would, no doubt, help in my development of vsliderdev for my site.
    ps. Yes, I have tried to register (again) on the site; and I end up in a loop.

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