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Getting Started with Vizard

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  • Getting Started with Vizard

    Getting Started with Vizard.

    This section deals with basic but important settings which you need to know to setup the theme.

    Getting Started Video Tutorial Part I

    Getting Started Video Tutorial Part II

    Getting Started Video Tutorial Part III

    Other Important Notes

    Vizard WordPress Theme is one of the most advanced themes in WordPress. We have built this theme specifically for web designers from Novice to expert. The built in features help us to easily help you out with quick fixes. You can create almost any layout with this theme.

    Here are Key pointers which you should use while using this there:

    1. Set theme color from WP Dashboard-> Appearance -> Themes -> Theme Customizer -> Theme -> Primary Color

    2. Save/Import/Export Theme Customizer settings from Vibe Options Panel -> Customizer.

    3. Add/Remove Meta boxes from Vibe Options Panel -> Custom Connect.

    4. To show Page Builder enable Page Builder for your Post type in Vibe Options Panel -> Custom Connect.

    5. Always add a featured image for Audio and Videos.

    6. Use Page Builder titles as In-Page Menu menu-items.

    7. Use Page Builder Advanced Settings to add Custom CSS classes to Page Builder Blocks.

    8. Use CSS3 Animation classes like zoom,scale,ltr,rtl,ttb,btt etc. with animate class to use CSS3 animation. eg: When you add an image to a post, left align or right align. Edit this in text mode and add classes like animate zoom to the list of classes in image.

    9. Use Save as New Layout to save Page Builder layouts.

    10. Delete Page Layouts form Vibe Options Panel -> Page Builder

    11. Import/Export Page Layouts form Vibe Options Panel -> Page Builder

    12. Form generator/ In-built Contact form used Administrator email as primary email to send form submission mails
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    Importing the Home Page Layer Slider :
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