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Slow loading slider

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  • Slow loading slider


    As I just got back onto this project I have noticed that the slider is suddenly loading extremely slowly. Until it loads, the website begins at the content just under the slider. It isn't a browser issue as all other sites load fine. I have BT infinity so about 60GB+ speeds so it's not that. It's really odd that it suddenly became slow.

    Anyone know why this is?

    By the time the slider has loaded the user has probably moved else where on the site which isn't great as the slider is a huge focal point.


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    Please share your site url.


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      Please view (this link gets you past the coming soon page).


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        There are couple of scripts/files not present in the theme. I am seeing following errors in your website:

        1. GET 404 (Not Found)
        GET 404 (Not Found)

        Make sure the above files are located at their address. Non-existent files are primary reason for the slowness of your site, because the web-server tries to fetch these resources till it times out.

        Also set a 404 page from options panel.


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          Okay thank you I have found the fontello.woff file and shall re-upload. So I checked the original wordpress files for the 1st missing file but it does not exist?? See attachment. Also, the theme has had the 404 page added since the beginning.


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            The first file is not in the theme, nor does the theme reference it anywhere. My guess is this file is being used in some plugin, so you may try disabling your plugins which are depended on it.


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              Turns out the first one is a WP 3.6 error and shall be resolved in 3.6.1 and seems to be linked to the "blockUI requires jQuery v1.2.3! You are using v1.10.2." issue. In case anyone else is having this issue, see the link for more info.


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                Even with all plug-ins but layerslider turned off, the slow slider load issue remains.


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                  1. I was going through the site and there is a non-existent image which is being fetched..

                  2. Another big one:

                  The layerslider arrows are loading from my website, which will slow your site massively:

                  .stripe .ls-nav-prev {}

                  Now here's what you should do ..

                  1. Download the images form the above links
                  2. Upload them to your server (from WP Dashboard->Media)
                  3. Copy the image paths
                  4. Replace the above path in your custom.css file of your childtheme.

                  Both vprev.png and vnext.png should have localpaths....
                  Last edited by Mr.Vibe; 09-11-2013, 10:04 AM.


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                    Any updates...


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                      Hi apologies. This was halted for a moment due to huge email sending issues but fixed now.

                      I have just done what you said however there wasn't the code you mentioned already existing in the Child Themes style.css file so I just placed it in. Will it still work? Also will need the next part of the code too.

                      May I ask how you are finding these missing images and such? So I can do the same and remove them.


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                        Yes it is working.

                        how you are finding these missing images and such?
                        If you're using Google chrome, simply right click on the page and click on Inspect element. After this go to the console section, it tells you all the on page bugs/issues.


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                          Ah right thank you got it.

                          There is still the issue with the slow loading homepage/slider which is a big issue

                          I tried everything you mentioned and even the steps in another thread about slow loading site but it messed up the theme.


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                            Any updates on this? It is an issue many people are having after the update unfortunately. I can send you log ins if you need to see the WP itself.


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                              If possible please share your WP admin credentials.

                              You are having a 15 s delay because of background not found.

                              See image for ref:

                              After careful inspection, you're getting a 404 error on link.
                              Last edited by Mr.Vibe; 10-07-2013, 10:29 PM.