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  • Issue Log

    vEstate Issue Log.

    BUGS & FEATURES for v 1.5+
    1. Price Sort in Search results
    2. Server 500 error in WP Multisite
    3. Pricing Table Connect and membership.
    4. Yoast SEO pulling info single agent issue.
    5. Google Maps in google chro, Not found

    Current Version 1.5

    /*============ VERSION 1.5 [2nd MAY'2014] ==============*/

    1. UPDATED : Now Compatible with WP 3.9
    2. UPDATED: Now Compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.8+
    3. FIXED : Theme Options Import/Export Issue
    4. FIXED : Filterable Posts issue
    5. FIXED : Search Results issue
    6. FIXED : Listing Constants Warning issue

    /*============ VERSION 1.4.3 [19th Feb'2014] ==============*/
    1. ADDED: Add Logo resizing controls in Customizer.
    2. FIXED : Advanced Search widget tab change ajax bug.
    3. UPDATED: Pretty Photo controls for image connect in Listing snapshot.
    4. FIXED : Zero value fix for select and other settings.
    5. FIXED : Adding .mo,.po files for translation
    6. ADDED : New filters added for related listings : vestate_related_listings
    7. ADDED : New filters added for Link customization : vestate_link_filter
    8. ADDED : Header Logo size controls in customizer

    /*============ VERSION 1.4.2 [10th Feb'2014] ==============*/

    1. FIXED : Page Builder open elements bug.
    2. FIXED: Price Sorting in Listing archive bug..
    3. UPDATED : Removed Agent pagination and Added infinite scroll in Single Agent listings..
    4. FIXED : Author CSS going out of grid.

    /*============ VERSION 1.4.1 [6th Feb'2014] ==============*/

    1. ADDED : Controls for Hiding , Showing Feature Area fields in single listing in Options Panel -> Miscellaneous
    2. ADDED : Controls for Keyword handling in Advanced Listing Search in Options Panel -> Miscellaneous
    3. ADDED : Controls to show/hide Photo Title in Listing Images in Options Panel -> Miscellaneous.
    4. ADDED : Controls to fix Default WordPress search, only in Listings in Options Panel -> Miscellaneous.
    5. ADDED : Email headers, now better emails with Site name and admin email .
    5. UPDATED : Controls for Taxonomy Tree Generation for dependent select boxes in Options Panel -> Miscellaneous.
    6. ADDED : Controls for linking Listing snapshot image to individual listing or Listing Popup.
    7. UPDATED : Thumbnail images lazy loading for gallery images in single listing page load.
    8. FIXED : Minified javascript for isotope bug.
    9. FIXED : Pagination in Single Agent listings
    10. FIXED : Email New Line characters.
    11. FIXED : Revolution slider notification in install plugins page.
    12. FIXED: Added main query fix for hiding navigation on price sort.

    /*============ VERSION 1.4 [19th Jan'2014] ==============*/

    1. Dependent Multi Select boxes in Advanced search
    2. Count Update on Tab Selection
    3. Admin Post search fix
    4. Google Maps control fix
    5. Carousel exceeding width in IE9 ( refer :
    6. Light box connect with property images.
    7. Sidebar issue in mobiles (refer :
    8. Agent Description in small snapshot
    9. Tag Cloud hover color
    10. Loan Calculator Widget
    11. Currency Converter Widget
    12. Minification of scripts for page speed.

    /*============ VERSION 1.3 ==============*/
    1. ADDED : Vibe Front End Plugin for front end submissions
    2. ADDED : Ajax Login Plugin for Agent Login.
    3. ADDED : Agent User Role
    4. FIXED : Primary Hover color for buttons and featured listings

    /*============ VERSION 1.2.1 ==============*/
    1. Add a Pricing in Sort by options
    2. Default Location for Google maps , option to be added in Options panel.
    3. Main Navigation not appearing on Price Sort
    4. Updated Revolution Slider
    5. Migration Support for OpenDoor real estate theme

    /*============ VERSION 1.2 ==============*/

    1. ADDED : Unique Id field in Listing Field Type ( Options Panel -> Listings Manager -> Listing Custom Fields)
    2. ADDED : Advanced Search Unique Ids Listing
    3. ADDED : Featured Listings widget
    4. ADDED : Thumbnails in Single Listing (enable in Options Panel -> Misc.)
    5. FIXED : TABS Hover color
    6. FIXED : Featured Bg color
    7. Updated: Listing Post Type is now a constant.

    /*============ VERSION 1.1.5 ==============*/

    1. Select Option Bug in Listings Settings
    2. Show/Hide count values in Advanced search widget
    3. Show dropdown in aphbetical order in listings search widget.

    /*============ VERSION 1.1.4 ==============*/
    1. Fixed the Error on Listing search
    2. Fixed : Amenities addition
    3. Fixed : Price label colors via theme customizer. Nav Tabs colors via theme customizer

    /*============ VERSION 1.1.3 ==============*/
    1. Removed Advanced Search, due to issues with WP Standard search.

    /*============ VERSION 1.1.2 ==============*/

    1. FIXED : Advanced Search Listings Widget not reflecting the saved Tab value

    /*============ VERSION 1.1 ==============*/

    1. UPDATED : Revolution Slider to 3.0.93.
    2. ADDED : Contact Form controls in Vibe Options Panel -> Miscellaneous
    3. FIXED : Js errors in Admin Panel
    4. FIXED : Removed CSS.php URL for Theme Customizer.

    /*============ VERSION 1.0 ==============*/
    1. Initial Release
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  • #2
    There is an issue with image sizing. It is even on the demo site
    Is there a way to upload images and have them resized on upload correctly. Also need to be able to import images using tool like WP All Import. It works fine except it only imports one image.
    Also how does the Convertor Widget for Currency , Area work?


    • #3
      Just wondering did you get the chance to look at the issue of gallery images disappearing after sorting them and then saving a listing ?


      • Mr.Vibe
        Mr.Vibe commented
        Editing a comment
        I am not sure whether to mark this as a bug or not. I have 3 installations for vEstate and none is having this issue. So, currently this is specific to your site but I will check it and try to fix it.

      • Masonrad
        Masonrad commented
        Editing a comment
        My Gallery Images have disappeared all together, My Media library is blank, and it gives me an error code whenever I try and upload a new image.

    • #4
      Would you be able to have a look at my site if i sent you the admin login details? I still seem to have the problem , thanks