WPLMS WooCommerce plugin. The complete integration between WPLMS and WooCommerce.




  1. Full Support for WooCommerce
  2. Extends WooCommerce For WPLMS options
  3. Support for Variable Pricing Product
  4. Set dynamic options for Variable products such as :
    • Select Course duration
    • Course Certificate Enable/Disable
    • Course Badges Enable/Disable
    • Set Course Retakes
    • Set Quiz Retakes
  5. Instructor Premium courses feature
    • Charge instructors for creating courses
    • Statistics and performance
  6. Batch pricing if using WPLMS Batches plugin.
  7. Free updates


Use Cases :

  • Add a select dropdown for custom duration options for the Course
  • Add custom pricing option to enable Certificates for Course.
  • Add custom pricing option to enable Badge for Course.
  • Add custom pricing option for Quiz retakes for Course.
  • Add Custom pricing option for Course retakes for Course.
  • Combine multiple use cases


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