Customise Course Menu – Vibe Custom Types 2.8.1

In Vibe Custom Types 2.8.1 we have added a feature to customise the Course Menu

1.Go to wp-admin -> LMS settings -> Course Menu

2. You can customise this Course menu with the settings located in the LMS settings.

3. You can drag and drop any of the detail to reorder them.

4.  You can customise the add, edit and delete existing items, change their labels, links, reorder them and create custom menu items.

5.  On clicking on the ADD NEW DETAIL



7. You can also assign custom labels.

8. You can also assign a custom link.

  • For adding a static link you can write it as : htttp://
  • {{course_link}} will return your site’s Course url.
  • {{forum_link}} will return course forum link.
  • {{group_link}} will return course forum link.
  • If you want to add a link that opens up in  a new tab then write it as :” target=”_blank

10. If you want to show a detail to a particular level of user, You can set the privacy for that detail.

  • All users
  • Instructors
  • Admins
  • Students
  • Course Students
  • Active Course Students

11. If you want to show a detail to a particular course/ Category, You can set the Availability for that detail.

  • All Courses
  • Selected Courses
  • Course Categories


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